1979 Toltoys Fun Fountain

One of the most viewed posts here on Toltoys Kid is the entry featuring Willy Water Bug. I receive regular requests asking where they can be found today, unfortunatey I’m not much help, suggesting they start a ongoing search on ebay. It seems the kids of the 70’s want their kids today to enjoy the same summer fun we had, running on the lawn with water splashing everywhere and not a care in the world.

I feel I may be in for more requests with today’s post featuring a cousin of Willy, the Wham-O “Fun Fountain” clown sprinkler. The example below is again the Toltoys Australia branded version, I was lucky enough to find this guy in mint unused condition. When the hose is attached to the base and the water turned on, the hat rises above the head on a stream of water. Unlike Willy Water Bug I do remember this toy, in particular hitting the hat by swinging a cricket bat at it. Really loved the 70’s I did.







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  1. fakington wilde Avatar
    fakington wilde

    dude! I love all this stuff you’re doing! “The Coca Cola Easy Roller”, the Star Wars and Smurf Ice creams! SO MUCH great stuff in here! -My biggest concern is that there are no representations of the flat rectangular Yogi Bear chocolate bars where Yogi was on the TV commercial saying “Start at the knees please!” -Also, a TV show on ABC called “Home” about a bunch of kids in foster homes who run away and live in abandoned train carriages and give themselves festy home made tattoos! -these things are IMPORTANT aspects of my childhood and they are MISSING! -Have you seen them?

  2. fakington wilde Avatar
    fakington wilde

    oh, and PS: I had one of these clown-hat-sprinkler things! I was telling my wife about it only a couple of weeks ago! Good work!

  3. Inner city mum Avatar
    Inner city mum

    You’ll be happy to know that my brothers children and my own child were under my Fun fountain just yesterday in Melbournes heat. They can’t get enough of the 30 year old toy and they are 9, 8 and 4! Mind you my brother and I are still keen to do a run through. Great site keep it up!

    1. tol11toys Avatar

      That’s great to hear, and thanks so much for the comment I really appreciate it! I’m sure the folks at Wham-O would be delighted that their product is still in use and providing summer fun for kids (big and small!) after all these years! Cheers, Will

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