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Ewok Adventure Kelloggs Tie-In

Ewok Adventure Kelloggs Tie-In

Hot on the heels of the TV spot for the Kelloggs Return of the Jedi competition I posted last week comes another lost Aussie Star Wars TV spot; an ad for the Kelloggs promotional tie-in with the Ewok Adventure movie in the mid 80’s.



06 2007

Streets Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Blast Ice Creams

Bionic Blast Ice Creams – Better. Stronger. Faster.

The latest installment in my continuing story of licensed Australian Ice Creams (Part 1, Part 2) features the rebuilt Colonel himself – the Six Million Dollar Man.

SMDM was as big in Australia as anywhere else through the mid-70’s, we had the Kenner toys distributed by Toltoys, the board games and model kits too, but who remembers the icy poles?

This time it was Streets getting in on the licensing fun, creating a pineapple infused ice treat known as the Bionic Blast.

Material from this 1977 release is scarce, but I’m delighted to be able to bring you a couple of items, firstly the store display seen above, and secondly a sample of the in-store and in-pack premium stickers, featuring random shots taken from the TV show.

If anyone out there has a box or wrapper I’d love to feature it here, drop me a line at will(at)toltoys(dot)com.



06 2007

Kellogg’s Return of the Jedi Decoder Disks

Kellogg’s Decoder Disks

How cool is this? Thanks to the keen eyes of Nick Macarty over at I’m able to bring you the Kellogg’s TV spot from the 1980’s promotional tie-in with the Return of the Jedi.




06 2007