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  • Star Wars Toltoys Update

    Star Wars Toltoys Update Our latest Toltoys Star Wars update features the unassuming little green guy above. A regular ESB Yoda you say? Computer says No. What appears to be a regular Kenner USA release is in fact a rare Toltoys release Survival Kit Offer card, see the reverse shot below. Or at least that’s […]

  • Star Wars in the 1982 Waltons Wishbook

    More Star Wars from the 1982 Waltons Wishbook $60 was a lot for a toy in 1982, hell it’s a lot for a toy today. Just as well then that you received one of the all-time great play-sets for your cash back in ’82, the Kenner Millennium Falcon. Walton’s caption writers went off the deep end […]

  • Waltons Special Offer Star Wars

    Two more Special Offer mysteries solved… A couple of years ago on we presented a feature on all the known Star Wars Special Offer boxed toys that had surfaced in Australia during the 1978 – 85 period. In the post below we were able to confirm that the Attack Base was a Waltons Department Store special offer and […]

  • Toltoys Star Wars Special Offer Origins

    Toltoys Star Wars Special Offer origins revealed! A couple of years ago I was lucky enough (thanks to the eagle eyes of fellow Toltoys collector Dax) to pick up a very cool Imperial Attack Base featuring a huge “Special Offer” sticker across the front, indicating that four figures were included. As featured in a previous post on […]

  • Toltoys Special Offer Items

    Toltoys Special Offer Items Some of the most sought after pieces in the Kenner US Star Wars line are the “Special Offer” (SO) vehicles. To help move old product and keep large department chains happy Kenner would include one or more free items (usually figures) inside the box, advertising the fact with a flashy sticker […]