Donkey Kong Icey Poles and Futuretronics G&W

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Here’s a ripping piece that escaped my clutches on Aussie Ebay a few years ago, an early 80’s Milk Bar Store Display for Pauls Donkey Kong Icey Poles (Orange and Pineapple Treats). It features a competition for Futuretronics (The Australian Nintendo distributor) Game and Watch electronic hand helds. Did they come in take home packs I […]


Toltoys in the 1975 Toyworld Catalogue

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And finally we have the Toltoys pages from the Toyworld 1975 Christmas Sale catalogue! The 6 Million Dollar Man heralded the arrival of Kenner as a licensing force in toys, cemented a couple of years later by their securing of the Star Wars license. Toltoys would come to profit greatly by this relationship, coming under […]