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  • Kiss Unmasked 1980 Record Store Promo Display

    This wonderful hanging cardboard circle was issued to Australian record stores in 1980 to promote the new Kiss album “Unmasked”. It’s double sided, and approximately 45cm in diameter. 1980 saw an onslaught of Kiss merchandise in Australia including the Peters Ice Creams and Nabisco cereals.

  • MEGO Toltoys Action Jackson Accessories Flyer

    Recently dug up this cool double sided Toltoys promotional flyer featuring three 1970’s MEGO Action Jackson accessories. All three items are scarce today, particularly when boxed. The Action Jackson Formula Racer had an Aussie cousin, a yet to be formally documented promotional release in BP livery, if you have one I’m buying! The Action Jackson […]

  • The First LEGO Store: Birkenhead Point Sydney LEGO Centre

    PLEASE NOTE: This store closed down 20 years ago! There are currently no official Lego Stores in Australia. Since Australia began its love affair with LEGO in 1962 we have been collectively obsessed with the stuff. It should come as no surprise then that the world’s first dedicated LEGO store was opened not in Denmark, […]

  • 3XY Coca Cola Easy Roller / Freedom Machine Vans

    For a while there in the late 70’s it was every boy’s dream to cruise the streets and highways in a tricked-out Beford Van or Sandman Shaggin’ Wagon. The Hardy Boys, Hot Wheels and even Star Wars joined the rush to cash in on the craze, but the most memorable for me was the Radio […]

  • Happy Days Confectionery

    “I found my thrills…” When Happy Days burst on to Australian TV screens in 1975 nobody could resist the lovable geekiness of Richie, the wisecracking mouth of Ralph or pure dumb nerdiness of Potsie. Everything 50’s was cool again; the cars, the clothes and of course the tunes. Standing above all though was one Arthur […]

  • LEGO Classic Space promotional sticker

    Classic LEGO Space promotional sticker I stuck my fair share of these stickers on school books in 1979, so finding a mint unused one on ebay recently was a real joy. I have foggy memories of stacks of these sitting on the counter at Griselda’s toy store in Brighton, or at the annual LEGO display […]

  • Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Playmobil Promotion

    Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Playmobil Promotion I found an interesting photo showing a 1977 box of Kellogg’s Australia Corn Flakes, with a Kenbrite Pocket People (Playmobil) mail-in offer. It appears that you could send in the coupon (and 50c) to receive a Playmobil figure. Does anyone have an example of this box? I know there are […]

  • Ewok Adventure Kelloggs Tie-In

    Ewok Adventure Kelloggs Tie-In Hot on the heels of the TV spot for the Kelloggs Return of the Jedi competition I posted last week comes another lost Aussie Star Wars TV spot; an ad for the Kelloggs promotional tie-in with the Ewok Adventure movie in the mid 80’s. Enjoy! Will Read the full post on […]

  • Kellogg’s Return of the Jedi Decoder Disks

    Kellogg’s Decoder Disks How cool is this? Thanks to the keen eyes of Nick Macarty over at I’m able to bring you the Kellogg’s TV spot from the 1980’s promotional tie-in with the Return of the Jedi. Wonderful! Cheers, Will Read the full post on!

  • LEGO Birkenhead Point Keychains Part 2

    LEGO Keychains Part 2 Some of you long time readers who have been following this site since the olden days back in ’06 will remember my excitement at finding an Aussie 80’s LEGO Fabuland mini-figure keychain in a random lot of LEGO. Well reader Craig had fond memories of these little guys too, and […]