The First LEGO Store: Birkenhead Point Sydney LEGO Centre

PLEASE NOTE: This store closed down 20 years ago! There are currently no official Lego Stores in Australia.

Since Australia began its love affair with LEGO in 1962 we have been collectively obsessed with the stuff. It should come as no surprise then that the world’s first dedicated LEGO store was opened not in Denmark, but in Sydney. Opening around 1984 and closing in the early 90’s (Please drop me a line if you know the exact dates), the Birkenhead Point LEGO Centre was for its short life the first and only LEGO dedicated store experience in the world.


Featuring iconic Australian models such as the FJ Holden above, and offering keyrings and minifigures such as these, the Birkenhead Point LEGO Centre looked to be a magical place. Many of you obvioulsy agree, there is even a Bring Back the Birkenhead Point Lego Centre page on facebook!


Check out this 1987 TV Spot for the centre that some kind soul loaded on to YouTube:

LEGO Centre Birkenhead Point TV Spot

Special thanks to Paul Naylor for the scans of the brochure and sticker for this post.



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12 responses to “The First LEGO Store: Birkenhead Point Sydney LEGO Centre”

  1. helen hipwell Avatar
    helen hipwell

    Is Birkenhead still open as my grandson wanted a special piece of lego you can purchase on line thru a lego club and was priced in usa dollars plus postage and worked out to be exspensive so my neighbour bought him the same in London.

    1. Toltoys Kid Avatar
      Toltoys Kid

      Thanks for your question, Birkenhead Point Lego store closed down in the late 80’s or early 90’s sorry.

  2. Domain Avatar

    I believe the address associated may not be located at Birkenhead Point.
    Could you please supply of your new address and hours of business hours .Thanks

    1. Toltoys Kid Avatar
      Toltoys Kid

      Hello, this article is about the Lego Store that used to exist at Birkenhead Point but closed down 20 years ago. There are currently no official lego stores in Australia. Thanks.

  3. Domain Avatar

    I’m working on getting this site removed it seems to IP from outside Australia.we will se

    1. Toltoys Kid Avatar
      Toltoys Kid

      As I explained in my previous reply to you this article is about nostalgia and refers to the Lego Centre that used to exist at Birkenhead Point in Sydney 20 years ago. It was demolished. It is no longer there. There are no Lego Stores in Australia as of writing this. I have recently added this information to the top of the post to make it clear for those who still seem not to read the actual post. If you want buy lego go to

      1. Sharon Avatar

        Some people DO need to be told more than once
        Goodness me ? You’re very tolerant
        I would have lost it by the second comment

  4. James Avatar

    So many great memories of this place back in the day. Still love Lego now.
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane 🙂

  5. rctoymemories Avatar

    Great website, and great article about the Birkenhead Point Lego centre.

    Sadly I never actually went there, but can clearly remember the TV commercials and really wanted to go! Fantastic to see more photos and details, and it’s a great pity it’s gone now.

  6. […] Originally Posted by GNT There was one in the 80's/early 90's but it's been long gone for a long long time now. First in the world at the time. Anyone interested in this should read this article: The First LEGO Store: Birkenhead Point Sydney LEGO Centre | Toltoys Kid […]

  7. Sharon Avatar

    Took my girls there many times. Now at the ages of 28 and 22, they still love Lego!! Shame it closed down.

  8. Jadedoz Avatar

    Here is a link to my photo of the knight sticker from the Birkenhead Point Lego Centre.

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