LEGO Birkenhead Point Keychains Part 2

LEGO Keychains Part 2

Some of you long time readers who have been following this site since the olden days back in ’06 will remember my excitement at finding an Aussie 80’s LEGO Fabuland mini-figure keychain in a random lot of LEGO.

Well reader Craig had fond memories of these little guys too, and kindly supplied me with some images of his own keychain.

There is something ethereal in the face of the classic Legoland mini-figure, a manufactured Mona Lisa wrought in plastic. They are smiling, but not too much, full of mischief, but also happy to chill. They would make a great drinking partner or co-driver on a road-trip.

I need to showcase more of these Birkenhead Point keychains, if you have one send me a pic!


Special thanks to Craig for today’s contribution.



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