Great Australian Big Jim Collection

A great Australian Big Jim collection

Check out this fantastic collection of Mattel Big Jim figures, vehicles and outfits from Aussie collector Willem Bos.
Willem started out with just his two remaining childhood figures five years ago, and has now built an enviable collection of over 60 figures, vehicles, outfits and ephemera.
There are so many highlights in these pictures it’s hard to single anything out, but the western range and the P.A.C.K. figures and vehicles are a couple of favourites of mine.
The stand-out highlight for me though is the set of rare¬†1976 Australian Olympic Outfit Big Jims. The figures have unique green and gold molded trunks as seen in this catalogue shot, and three outfits as seen in the picture below. There are tough find even here in Australia, and I’ve yet to see a packaged example.
Thanks so much to Willem for sharing his collection with!



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4 responses to “Great Australian Big Jim Collection”

  1. wilfredo almeida Avatar
    wilfredo almeida

    Me parese una muy buena coleccion llena de muchos recuerdos,felicidades

  2. Matt Avatar

    Hi Willem, and very nice Big Jim collection there…I just purchased a new in box Jungle truck and Im trying to figure out how all the pieces get packed back into the box again…for some reason I cant get them all to fit…Do you have a picture or anything that might help?…Thanks…

  3. Rosanna Avatar

    Ciao Willem la tua collezione è stupenda. Sono alla ricerca di un gold medal australiano se ti capita lo acquisterei con grandissimo piacere. Ancora complimenti per la tua fantastica collezione

    1. Toltoys Kid Avatar
      Toltoys Kid

      Hi Rosanna, the Aussie Big Jim gold medal is identical to the USA one. Cheers! Will

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