Month: July 2008

  • Indiana Jones Kelloggs Premiums

    Indy Coco-Pops Premiums A few weeks ago I featured the Indiana Jones Coco Pops box from the Temple of Doom tie-in. Inside each box was a card premium which broke apart to reveal two picture cards from the movie, one photo and one sketch jigsaw piece. The same design was used for the Kellogs Ewok […]

  • Mattel Australia Big Jim Action Drawing Contest 1973

    Mattel’s Big Jim Contest In 1973 Mattel was having some success with it’s new Big Jim action figures, a smaller scale competitor to Hasbro’s GI Joe. Launched the previous year, sales in Australia were given a little push with an “Action Drawing Contest”, promoted through retailers with large entry forms that had space on the […]

  • Peters Smurfee Ice Creams

    Licensed Australian Ice-Creams Smack bang in the middle of the golden age of Aussie Ice Creams came the double barreled inventively titled Smurfee, courtesy of Peters / Pauls. This is the store display / advertising card from the 18c treat from 1979. I’ve heard that there are no naturally occurring blue foods, and that blue is colour most likely […]