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Indiana Jones Kelloggs Premiums

Indy Coco-Pops Premiums
Inside each box was a card premium which broke apart to reveal two picture cards from the movie, one photo and one sketch jigsaw piece.
The same design was used for the Kellogs Ewok Adventure cards which I’ll feature in a future post.


07 2008

Mattel Australia Big Jim Action Drawing Contest 1973

Mattel’s Big Jim Contest

In 1973 Mattel was having some success with it’s new Big Jim action figures, a smaller scale competitor to Hasbro’s GI Joe. Launched the previous year, sales in Australia were given a little push with an “Action Drawing Contest”, promoted through retailers with large entry forms that had space on the back for little Picassos to scrawl out Big Jim in ‘action poses’.
The prizes were one of 50 Big Jim motif Warm Up Suits (Tracksuits or trackies to us Aussies) or one of 200 basic boxed figures. Personally I think wearing a Big Jim tracksuit to school sports day would have caused the owner a sudden and violent death (or least some well deserved teasing), which probably helps explain the rarity today. By rarity I mean I’ve neither heard nor seen of one in a collection or for sale anywhere.
Would love to post a pic if anyone out there does in fact own or know of one, you can get me on will(at)toltoys(dot)com.
This is the first of what may unfortunately be quite a few posts featuring vintage toy competition entry forms, I realised I had enough to call it a collection the other day, entirely accidental is my defense!


07 2008

Peters Smurfee Ice Creams

Licensed Australian Ice-Creams

Smack bang in the middle of the golden age of Aussie Ice Creams came the double barreled inventively titled Smurfee, courtesy of Peters / Pauls. This is the store display / advertising card from the 18c treat from 1979.
I’ve heard that there are no naturally occurring blue foods, and that blue is colour most likely to nauseate, but I’ve got to tell you that I can remember the taste of these things like it was yesterday, and that taste was good.
I’ll resist from all the standard Smurf jokes regarding Smurfette’s position as the only lass in the village, but when you look at the Smurf on the right and read the speech bubbles you just know something unnatural was going on in that forest…


07 2008