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  • Kellogg’s Australia Empire Strikes Back Masks

    These four masks appeared on the back panels of Australian Kellogg’s Cornflakes 750g cereal boxes in 1980 to promote The Empire Strikes Back. The smaller 500g boxes featured make of Luke Skywalker, C3PO, Bossk and Boba Fett.

  • Disney’s 1979 “The Black Hole” Weeties Shrinkies

    Thanks to Toltoys Kid reader “robspromos” I’m delighted to present the complete set of shrinkie premiums from the 1979 Nabisco Weeties Australia cereal tie-in. A small set of five that were issued in these boxes, and very tough to find. A bit of a strange mix of characters and ships, but kids weren’t complaining when […]

  • 1977 Kenbrite / Playmobil Pocket People Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Promotion

    This is actually the third time I have blogged about this particular promotion, the first time I was speculating as to whether it had ever actually gone ahead, the second time I was delighted to confirm it had by producing a cut back and side panel from the box, and now finaly I have a […]

  • Disney’s 1979 The Black Hole Weeties Cereal Promotion

    In the wake of Star Wars came a slew of wannabe space epics, but Disney did quite a respectable job with it’s 1979 production of “The Black Hole” . The robots had jerky actions and the actors were robotic, and let’s not mention the tinny sound and special effects, but as a nine year old […]

  • 1982 Weeties Universal Monster “Doublies”

    If you’re a fan of the classic Universal Monsters (and who isn’t?) you’ll enjoy seeing this licensed tie-in with Nabisco Australia’s Weeties brand of cereal from 1982. The “Doublies” refers to the fact that instead of printing one sticker with a plain backing piece, doublies use the backing piece as a swap card featuring the […]

  • Full Set of Kelloggs Return of the Jedi Decoder Discs

    I blogged way back in June 2007 about the TV spot for the Kelloggs ROTJ Decoder Disc competition, and I’m delighted to present the full set of Decoder Discs below, still sealed in their cellophane baggies… Thanks again to the Naylor Collection for the pic.

  • Kenbrite Playmobil / Pocket People Update

    Kenbrite Playmobil / Pocket People Update I’ve been remiss in not posting about the wonderful new third edition of Axel Hennel’s Playmobil Collector book. This great book is an extraordinarily comprehensive reference guide to Playmobil worldwide, containing 4500 images over 650 pages. This edition has an expanded Australian Kenbrite section, as well as increased coverage […]

  • Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Playmobil Promotion

    Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Playmobil Promotion I found an interesting photo showing a 1977 box of Kellogg’s Australia Corn Flakes, with a Kenbrite Pocket People (Playmobil) mail-in offer. It appears that you could send in the coupon (and 50c) to receive a Playmobil figure. Does anyone have an example of this box? I know there are […]

  • Indiana Jones Kelloggs Premiums

    Indy Coco-Pops Premiums A few weeks ago I featured the Indiana Jones Coco Pops box from the Temple of Doom tie-in. Inside each box was a card premium which broke apart to reveal two picture cards from the movie, one photo and one sketch jigsaw piece. The same design was used for the Kellogs Ewok […]

  • Kellogg’s Return of the Jedi Decoder Disks

    Kellogg’s Decoder Disks How cool is this? Thanks to the keen eyes of Nick Macarty over at I’m able to bring you the Kellogg’s TV spot from the 1980’s promotional tie-in with the Return of the Jedi. Wonderful! Cheers, Will Read the full post on!