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MEGO Toltoys Action Jackson Accessories Flyer

Recently dug up this cool double sided Toltoys promotional flyer featuring three 1970’s MEGO Action Jackson accessories.

All three items are scarce today, particularly when boxed. The Action Jackson Formula Racer had an Aussie cousin, a yet to be formally documented promotional release in BP livery, if you have one I’m buying!

The Action Jackson Campmobile is a great VW Combi playset, Toltoys changed the “Discover America” sticker on the door to “Discover Australia” for the local release, but only managed to scratch out the “America” for the promo flyer shown above.

The Toltoys “Discover Australia” door sticker.

The reverse of the flyer shows the large Action Jackson “Jungle House”. This great playset is better known by its later release as the MEGO Planet of the Apes Treehouse.

For all things MEGO be sure to visit the MEGO MUSEUM


07 2011

Vintage Buck Rogers Australian Ice Creams

In 2007 I showcased the take-home box for Paul’s Buck Rogers ice creams, featuring the Star Stick competition for MEGO Buck Rogers action figures. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to track down both the Milk Bar store dislay and an example of the wrapper, so I’m going to call that a complete set and move on!

Here is the box, the display, and the wrapper…

MEGO Toltoys Happy Days Action Figures

Continuing the theme of Toltoys stickered MEGO figures, here are three examples of Australian issued figures from the 1970’s Happy Days line, based on a the hugely successful US sitcom, we have Potsy, Richie and the Fonz.



03 2011

MEGO Toltoys Starksy & Hutch figures

Not many toys captured the 70’s zeitgeist as well as these Starksy & Hutch action figures, inspired by the funky cop show of the same name. The figures below were part of the Mego range of S&H merchandise, the Toltoys stickers indicating these examples were Australian releases.


02 2011

1975 Toyworld Catalogue

I remember Toyworld stores of the 70’s as the quintessential local toy destination, a medium sized store on the local strip, jam packed with toys of all descriptions.  They had the latest TV backed hits, along with the wonderful cheapie rack-toys for the after-school run.

This great catalogue showcases the range available for Christmas 1975, including the Toltoys distributed Six Million Dollar Man, a pointer to the licensed film and TV toy tsunami on the horizon.


Tonka, Kenbrite’s AFX, Mattel Baby-That-A-Way and Toltoy’s version of Kenner’s wonderful Super Sonic Power “Smash-Up Derby”, one of the best toys of all time in my opinion.


The Kenbrite page featuring some of the great brands distributed in Australia by Kenbrite including Cox gas planes, TYCO electric trains and the awesome MEGO Muhammad Ali boxing ring and figures set.



10 2010

MEGO Toltoys Captain America

MEGO Toltoys Captain America
A very cool item this week, a MEGO World’s Greatest Super Heroes Captain America boxed figure. According to Benjamin Holcomb’s World’s Greatest Toys the box is a USA issued 1975 5th version Captain America, and the figure is a Type 2.
This particular example however is an Australian issue with the “Toltoys Pty Ltd, South Melbourne, Australia” sticker applied. It’s only the second Toltoys sticker WGSH example I’ve owned, the other being Hulk. He’s missing the white star from his chest, anyone have a spare original?

Hopefully I’ll be able to add more of these Toltoys stickered items to the blog in the future.


11 2009

1967 Lincoln International Toy Catalogue

Treasures from the 1967 Lincoln International Toy Catalogue

The New Zealand toy company Lincoln International were responsible for some of the coolest licensed (and unlicensed) toys of the 60’s and 70’s. Best known for their 1966 licensed Batman range of ray guns, water pistols, friction toys and battery operated plastic vehicles, or perhaps for their goofy but highly desirable 1970’s range of Mego-Like 8″ Monster action figures, Lincoln went in hard with Gerry Anderson licences in 1967.

Captain Scarlet promised great things for those toy companies hoping to match the success of Dinky and their Thunderbird die-cast vehicles, unfortunately whilst popular the Captain never had the impact of his Anderson stable-mates.
Lincoln released three friction vehicles for Scarlet; The Angel Interceptor, Spectrum Patrol Car and Maximum Security Vehicle. Each was blister carded to a colourful but fairly flimsy card along with a plastic Spectrum Badge. The vehicles were packed flat on the cards, and the blisters were attached to the cards with staples. They are a tough find today loose or carded, I’ve never seen an Angel Interceptor in person but thanks to the diligent work of the Australian Powerhouse Museum there is at least one example stored away in perpetuity.

Much more common to find today are examples of Lincoln’s Thunderbirds motorized kits. These must have been big sellers since they turn up quite regularly on eBay and at auction houses such as Vectis. The vehicles are OK, but it is the box art that steals the show on these, nicely rendered images with the designated number on the right front of the box.

There would be many Anderson Thunderbird collectors out there who would dream of finding a full counter display pack like the one above, to my knowledge though none have ever surfaced.
PS – This catalogue is actually undated, I have surmised the 1967 date from the the lack of Batman items combined with the inclusion of Capt Scarlet and the Thunderbird kits, so it could be 1968. I’d love to hear about any other Lincoln material that may be out there, I’ll post some of the toys mentioned above in a future post here at

Safeway catalogue from Christmas 1978

Superman at Safeway
The Aussie Safeway catalogue from Christmas 1978 (I think!) features all the usual specials one would expect from a large grocery store; nappies, bananas and …

…the Man of Steel and his big green mate The Hulk.  Yes sitting there among the no-name brand trikes, bikes and ray-guns were the beautifully crafted 12-inch MEGO World’s Greatest Super Heroes.

Interestingly the Superman is the harder to find “Comic Head” version, previously thought to have only seen release in Canada, the UK, France and Italy according to the authoritative Mego Museum.  Hulk appears to be a regular US version. Dig that lab coat!

No telling if there were other Heroes available on the Safeway shelves “ready to continue the fight against the baddies” back then, but we can only hope so.

Did you buy your super heroes in Australia at Safeway?
Tell me about it – will(at)toltoys(dot)com



04 2009

Toltoys Stretch Armstrong

The Toltoys Stretch Armstrong

If you don’t remember this guy from the 70’s then you’re either not trying or your parents owe you an apology. His heavy-as-hell corn-syrup filled body could stretch several feet before slowly reverting to his original form upon release. A fun toy and lethal weapon when swung in contained spaces.
Stretch was a huge hit for Kenner in the USA and Palitoy in the UK, so naturally Aussie kids were looked after by the good folks at Toltoys.
The box design is virtually identical to the US edition, save for the bright blue Toltoys logos on the side, top and bottom panels.
It’s interesting to see from the bottom of this box that the Toltoys Australian Stretch Armstrong body was manufactured in the UK, the head and pants in Hong Kong before insertion into boxes printed in Melbourne. A true citizen of the world.
For more Stretch Armstrong info than you ever thought possible check out Stretch Armstrong World,  and then the Mego Museum’s Super Elastic Heroes section for more rare stretchy pics and info.
Some of Stretch’s very hard to find buddies were also sold by Toltoys in Australia, including the Stretch Serpent, more details in a future post…
Thanks for today’s model must go to the semi-willing Pete E. Marvel, The talented Mr. TV and the CRU Crew.


12 2008

Toltoys MEGO Hulk

Reversing the Toltoys diaspora – The Hulk returns!

Thanks to the marvelous network that is the Mego Museum I was recently able to bring this Australian released Mego Hulk back home. He had somehow found himself in the unfamiliar climes of Italy, no doubt taking in the sights, sounds and tastes of Roma.

But like all ex-pat Aussies he eventually decide to return home, taking the natural route (via the Mother Country).

Mego World’s Greatest Super Heroes are actually quite tough to find with the Toltoys distribution sticker, you more often see the Merry Men or even Wizard of Oz line carrying them.

Speaking of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, if you haven’t picked up a copy of the new book World’s Greatest Toys, what are you waiting for?

This is without doubt the best action figure collecting book I’ve ever seen. Beautiful photos, absorbing and insightful text combined brilliantly with intricately detailed information on each character’s variations and packaging. Click the pic above to checkout some more sample pages of the book.

I’m sure that this hot potato this will sell out sooner rather than later so do yourself a favour and pick one up! You can order it through the link above or directly from Amazon.



02 2008