MEGO Toltoys Captain America

MEGO Toltoys Captain America
A very cool item this week, a MEGO World’s Greatest Super Heroes Captain America boxed figure. According to Benjamin Holcomb’s World’s Greatest Toys the box is a USA issued 1975 5th version Captain America, and the figure is a Type 2.
This particular example however is an Australian issue with the “Toltoys Pty Ltd, South Melbourne, Australia” sticker applied. It’s only the second Toltoys sticker WGSH example I’ve owned, the other being Hulk. He’s missing the white star from his chest, anyone have a spare original?

Hopefully I’ll be able to add more of these Toltoys stickered items to the blog in the future.



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  1. David Bolter Avatar
    David Bolter

    I remember being greatly disappointed with this back in 1974. After getting Batman & Robin, and seeing a pic of him on the side, I hunted for him for a while, as he was my all-time favorite hero at the time.

    Then, side-by-side with Spiderman, there he was in the store. Immediately hated the big black dots for eyes, and the lack of detail on the arms and boots. Suffice to say, I picked up Spidey first. Weeks later I ended up getting Cap. He was alright, but with the current comics thread with his ‘newly-injected-super-strength’..? The figure just didn’t cut the mustard.

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