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Toltoys ROTJ 65 Backs Nien Nunb Offer

…And still more Star Wars!

This week: The Toltoys ROTJ 65 Back

The difficulty and frustration in tracking down Toltoys logo 12 and 20 back carded figures in my opinion has led to an appreciation of the other Aussie issued cardbacks, primarily the Return of the Jedi 65 Back card with the “Nien Nunb” free figure offer.

While the Toltoys link is more tenuous than on the earlier cards, these cardbacks are unique to Australia and included the mailing address of Toltoys for the competition.

While still a real struggle to track down, they are probably one rung down the ladder from the Star Wars Toltoys cards in terms of rarity, instead of “impossible” to find they are just “near impossible”.

A handful of collectors both here and overseas have been chasing them for years, and even with years of active searching I don’t believe a full set of 65 examples has yet been achieved. Indeed I don’t believe an example of each cardback has even been found! The set above is the most complete set of cardbacks as far as I’m aware.

So what did you get if you took the effort to send in your POPs? There he is above, the final result. I still vividly recall heading to the mailbox and seeing that box (well not that exact box) with my name and address on it. Toy memories are made of this!

The actual offer artwork had a running production change, creating a subset of variations. The first version featured text proclaiming Nunb as being from the “Revenge of the Jedi”.

As with Star Wars items across the world this was changed to “Return” when Uncle George decided that Jedi’s don’t seek revenge.

Toltoys applied a semi-circle sticker over the offending text as a quick fix (above) and then updated the text on the actual cardback (below).

In the US the Nunb figure offer was available on 48 Back cards, but for some reason there was a delay in bringing the offer to Australia (and Canada) resulting in the highly amusing Nien Nunb with Nien Nunb offer card.

As yet a perfectly sealed example has not been found, but a few cardbacks have turned up as well as the almost MOC specimen above. You’ve got to wonder what (if anything) they were thinking as they carded these guys up!

The Nunb offer 65 Backs offer a great collecting focus, some easy ones to get started, some harder to find ones to keep the interest going, and some ridiculously hard to find ones. What more could a collector want?

Generally speaking these figures are hard to find with clear undamaged blisters, and it’s probably also fair to say that the earlier release characters (such as the first 12) are more difficult to locate than the later waves.

Thanks to Brody and Dax for many of today’s great pics, as far as I’m aware this is the largest group of this particular offer presented in one place, scroll down to check them out. If you have a MOC example we don’t or a cardback featuring a character not shown here I’d love to add it, you can email me will(at)toltoys(dot)com.



03 2007

Star Wars Toltoys Card Backs

Star Wars Week*

Cardbacks Update

*Might actually be a couple of weeks.

I love talking with people who are more knowledgeable than me, and when it comes to Toltoys Star Wars collecting there are a whole bunch!

One such collector is my mate Dax, who happens to have the finest collection of Star Wars cardbacks I have ever seen, probably the best in the known universe. In his extensive collection Dax has an example of 15 of the 16 known characters released on Toltoys logo cards, with only the Death Squad Commander eluding him.

After speaking with him about his cardbacks, I now feel confident in saying that the Toltoys cards were printed from scratch by Toltoys, and are not overprinted Kenner cards.

The first argument for this is the figure height information on the rear of the 12 backs. Australia has a metric measurement system, and so by law all measurements on printed material in this country should be in millimetres, centimetres, metres, kilometres and so on.

The good part of this is that we get to drive at 100 or 110 on our highways with no worries. The bad part is that when you ask someone what their height is they might say 183.5 centimetres. And no we have no idea how tall that is either, go Google it if you must. Anyway the backs of some 12 backs have the printed figure height info in millimetres instead of inches as in the US or UK. The cardbacks in the photo above have the following characteristics:

  1. Luke Skywalker 12 bk, round logo, made in Taiwan, measurements in inches
  2. Princess Leia Organa 12 bk, round logo, made in Taiwan, measurements in inches
  3. Artoo Detoo 12 bk, round logo, made in Taiwan, measurements in millimetres
  4. Chewbacca 12 bk, round logo, made in Taiwan, measurements in inches
  5. C-3PO 12 bk, bar logo, made in Hong Kong, measurements in millimetres
  6. Darth Vader 12 bk, round logo, made in Taiwan, measurements in inches
  7. Imperial Stormtrooper 12 bk, bar logo, made in Hong Kong, measurements in inches
  8. Ben (Obi Wan) Kenobi 12 bk, bar logo, made in Hong Kong, measurements in inches
  9. Han Solo 12 bk, bar logo, made in Hong Kong, measurements in inches
  10. Jawa 20 bk, bar logo, made in Hong Kong
  11. Tusken Raider 20 bk, bar logo, made in Hong Kong
  12. Greedo 20 bk, bar logo, made in Hong Kong
  13. Hammerhead 20 bk, bar logo, made in Hong Kong
  14. Snaggletooth 20 bk, bar logo, made in Hong Kong
  15. Walrusman 20 bk, bar logo, made in Hong Kong

Dax argues further (and I agree) that the Sandpeople cardback is another smoking gun.

“It is actually titled Tusken Raider on both the back of all the 12 back cards (unlike Kenner 12 back cards) and the front of the actual 20 back figure card (again, a change that did not occur till much later with Kenner).”

“On the back of all the Toltoys 20 back cards it is still referred to as Sand People. Now if Toltoys are obviously printing their own cardbacks and fronts it doesn’t seem to make sense to over-print an already produced cardback.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m declaring case closed on this one and packing it away in a big wooden crate Indiana Jones style. I would add that there are top men working on it right now. Just don’t ask me who.


Special thanks to Dax for tonight’s info and picture.


01 2007