Month: January 2007

  • Toltoys Death Star Playset

    Star Wars Month The Death Star playset Play-value. Great toy-makers have always known it’s the secret of a successful toy. In my opinion the best example of play value in the vintage Star Wars line is the Death Star playset created by UK company Palitoy, and adapted around the world by Kenner Canada, Meccano France, […]

  • Australian Star Wars POTF Coin Offer

    Star Wars Month The Australian POTF Coin Offer The transition from Return of Jedi carded figures to the Power of The Force (POTF) line in 1985 produced an interesting variation here in Australia. The POTF figures included a collector coin blister packed above the figure, a new idea to help revive sales of the long […]

  • Star Wars Toltoys Card Backs

    Star Wars Week* Cardbacks Update *Might actually be a couple of weeks. I love talking with people who are more knowledgeable than me, and when it comes to Toltoys Star Wars collecting there are a whole bunch! One such collector is my mate Dax, who happens to have the finest collection of Star Wars cardbacks […]

  • Toltoys Board Games and Puzzles

    Star Wars Week Part Three: Board Games & Puzzles Due to their relatively short production turnaround time, board games have always been a great movie tie-in option. Print a new board, design some pieces and a play format and stick it all in a standard size box, voila! I believe that Kenner managed to get […]

  • Toltoys 12″ Figures

    Toltoys Week Part Two: 12 Inch Figures One of the shortest lived lines of the original Kenner Star Wars release was the series of 12 inch figures. Great sculpts and tailored cloth outfits weren’t enough to create the sales that Kenner wanted, and so after barely limping across the line into Empire Strikes Back marketing […]

  • Toltoys 12 and 20 Back Star Wars

    Star Wars Week on! One of the “must do’s” when I started this blog was to eventually showcase a pic of every Toltoys logo Star Wars carded figure. So far I have been spectacularly unsuccessful with that, chalking up a grand total of none at all. Well hold on to your potatoes kids, ’cause […]