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Star Wars Week

Part Three: Board Games & Puzzles

Due to their relatively short production turnaround time, board games have always been a great movie tie-in option. Print a new board, design some pieces and a play format and stick it all in a standard size box, voila! I believe that Kenner managed to get it’s Escape from the Death Star game out well before the figures were ready, and in Australia we had the Toltoys version just in time for Christmas 1977, also before the figures were released locally.

As a result they sold in huge numbers, and are probably the most common Toltoys branded Star Wars item, turning up on Ebay Australia about once a week.

The second game released by Toltoys is a little harder to find, but still not rare by any means. It is the R2-D2 Adventure game. Both games are virtually identical to the Kenner releases, with only the logos changed and the printing of the paper based parts done here in Melbourne.

Toltoys also produced local versions of the Kenner Star Wars jigsaw puzzles, again only changing the logos. You can find a comprehensive list of puzzles released around the world at the SWCA, you’ll be surprised what you can find there 🙂


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  1. mike latoris #

    are you selling any of the stuff or is it just for people who are researching toys?

    • tol11toys #

      Hi Mike,
      Sorry nothing on the site is for sale, it is for nostalgia and collecting reference.
      Thanks for your question,

      Cheers, Will

    • tol11toys #

      LOL’d at your username too 🙂

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