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  • 1982 Weeties Universal Monster “Doublies”

    If you’re a fan of the classic Universal Monsters (and who isn’t?) you’ll enjoy seeing this licensed tie-in with Nabisco Australia’s Weeties brand of cereal from 1982. The “Doublies” refers to the fact that instead of printing one sticker with a plain backing piece, doublies use the backing piece as a swap card featuring the […]

  • Scanlens 1979 Incredible Hulk Stickers

    This short run of stickers (6 in total) was produced by Scanlens Australia during the peak of The Incredible Hulk mania, 1979. The big green guy never goes out of fashion does he? Cheers, Will

  • 3XY Coca Cola Easy Roller / Freedom Machine Vans

    For a while there in the late 70’s it was every boy’s dream to cruise the streets and highways in a tricked-out Beford Van or Sandman Shaggin’ Wagon. The Hardy Boys, Hot Wheels and even Star Wars joined the rush to cash in on the craze, but the most memorable for me was the Radio […]

  • 1978 Legoland Town Promotional Sticker

    Another Classic LEGO Sticker A while ago I showcased a very cool vintage Lego Classic Space promotional item, a large sticker with a couple of space mini-figs and a great space scene. It seems there was a sister piece to that item, a large Legoland Town sticker promoting the various Lego Collector Packs available at […]

  • Happy Days Confectionery

    “I found my thrills…” When Happy Days burst on to Australian TV screens in 1975 nobody could resist the lovable geekiness of Richie, the wisecracking mouth of Ralph or pure dumb nerdiness of Potsie. Everything 50’s was cool again; the cars, the clothes and of course the tunes. Standing above all though was one Arthur […]

  • LEGO Classic Space promotional sticker

    Classic LEGO Space promotional sticker I stuck my fair share of these stickers on school books in 1979, so finding a mint unused one on ebay recently was a real joy. I have foggy memories of stacks of these sitting on the counter at Griselda’s toy store in Brighton, or at the annual LEGO display […]