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  • Star Wars Painting Design Book

    Toltoys Star Wars Painting Design Book This is the hard to find Toltoys Australia version of the Star Wars Painting Design Book, known as Kenner’s Dip Dots in the US. There is a New Zealand Toltoys logo box as well, but that one is nearly identical to the US Dip Dots version. Issued in 1978.

  • Star Wars Toltoys Panel from Celebration 2019

    This is a great panel presented by three of the most knowledgeable and respected collectors of vintage Star Wars items from Australia, at Star Wars Celebration 2019, check it out:

  • Toltoys Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman Action Figures

    Being the consummate promoters that Toltoys were in the 70’s, it should be no surprise that Lee Majors and his glamorous wife of the time Farrah Fawcett-Majors were bought out to Australia for the launch of his Col. Steve Austin character action figures. There must be some images or video of their visit floating around,…

  • Toltoys Return of the Jedi Speederbike

    The iconic Speederbike was one of the most loved toys from the Kenner USA Star Wars range, and they were also sold here in Australia in Kenner boxes during the ROTJ era. Recently though the keen eyes of Aussie super-collector Pat O’Brien noticed that some local versions were issued in a slightly larger box than…

  • Star Wars Toltoys 3 Position Laser Rifle

    These rifles show up boxed much less frequently than the smaller Han Solo Blasters, and finding one in Toltoys livery (Rather than Kenner) is near impossible, so it was great to see this relatively nice example appear on Ebay recently and subsequently make its way into one of the best Toltoys collections here in Oz.…

  • Star Wars Toltoys Update

    Star Wars Toltoys Update Our latest Toltoys Star Wars update features the unassuming little green guy above. A regular ESB Yoda you say? Computer says No. What appears to be a regular Kenner USA release is in fact a rare Toltoys release Survival Kit Offer card, see the reverse shot below. Or at least that’s…

  • Kenner Toltoys 12 Back

    An unusual Star Wars Toltoys find! To most Star Wars collectors that item above appears to be your run-of-the-mill Kenner Star Wars C3PO 12 Back figure. The keen eyed collectors will note that the blister has been reattached to the card-back for use as a display item, but that is not of consequence here. Flipping the card…

  • Toltoys Stretch Armstrong

    The Toltoys Stretch Armstrong If you don’t remember this guy from the 70’s then you’re either not trying or your parents owe you an apology. His heavy-as-hell corn-syrup filled body could stretch several feet before slowly reverting to his original form upon release. A fun toy and lethal weapon when swung in contained spaces. Stretch…

  • Mr Potato Head Store Display

    Mr Potato Head Store Display Check out this great Toltoys Mr Potato Head counter-top retail display! Full of minty boxed Toltoys branded Potato Head friends, these would have graced the counters of toy stores Australia wide in the late 60’s. Will Read the full post on!

  • Toltoys Kenner Cairo Swordsman

    And here’s the Swordsman A few weeks ago I posted three of the four Aussie Indiana Jones variant figures, and now thanks to regular contributor and Toltoys afficianado Brody Walker,  here is the last of the quartet; the Cairo Swordsman. Cheers! Will Read the full post on!