Toltoys Return of the Jedi Speederbike

The iconic Speederbike was one of the most loved toys from the Kenner USA Star Wars range, and they were also sold here in Australia in Kenner boxes during the ROTJ era. Recently though the keen eyes of Aussie super-collector Pat O’Brien noticed that some local versions were issued in a slightly larger box than the US version, and backed up the claim to a local variation with the famous “PO Box 72 Alexandria NSW” Toltoys mailing address being present on the included instructions.

The Toltoys box overlapping the Kenner example.

The Alexandria address.

Small differences but significant to Toltoys variation hunters! Is your a Toltoys version? Let me know below…

Thanks again to Pat O’Brien for the find and photos.




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2 responses to “Toltoys Return of the Jedi Speederbike”

  1. aussiejames Avatar

    I finally found one of these larger speeder bike boxes. It is made in Macao & the same size as a Lili Ledy box. I have 5 other boxed speeder bikes all made in Taiwan all slightly different but the same smaller size. Other than the instructions what makes the box exclusive to Toltoys?

    1. tol11toys Avatar

      Hi James,

      Apart from the instructions I’m not sure. Pat may have further info as he was the first to note the difference.



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