Month: October 2010

  • More from the Toyworld 1975 Catalogue

    A few more pages from the 1975 Toyworld Christmas catalogue…   Croner Toys had an eclectic mix of international brands including the popular Janex talking alarm clocks, I’m still looking for a mint boxed Batman version! The Holly Hobbie sewing machines seemed to grace every girl’s dresser for a time, including my sister’s. I can’t […]

  • 1975 Toyworld Catalogue

    I remember Toyworld stores of the 70’s as the quintessential local toy destination, a medium sized store on the local strip, jam packed with toys of all descriptions. ¬†They had the latest TV backed hits, along with the wonderful cheapie rack-toys for the after-school run. This great catalogue showcases the range available for Christmas 1975, […]

  • Toltoys Return of the Jedi Speederbike

    The iconic Speederbike was one of the most loved toys from the Kenner USA Star Wars range, and they were also sold here in Australia in Kenner boxes during the ROTJ era. Recently though the keen eyes of Aussie super-collector Pat O’Brien noticed that some local versions were issued in a slightly larger box than […]

  • Full Set of Kelloggs Return of the Jedi Decoder Discs

    I blogged way back in June 2007 about the TV spot for the Kelloggs ROTJ Decoder Disc competition, and I’m delighted to present the full set of Decoder Discs below, still sealed in their cellophane baggies… Thanks again to the Naylor Collection for the pic.

  • Star Wars Toltoys 3 Position Laser Rifle

    These rifles show up boxed much less frequently than the smaller Han Solo Blasters, and finding one in Toltoys livery (Rather than Kenner) is near impossible, so it was great to see this relatively nice example appear on Ebay recently and subsequently make its way into one of the best Toltoys collections here in Oz. […]