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Streets Whammy Stix

You know those memories from childhood that flood through your mind when you hear an old tune or smell a long lost aroma? Well that’s what it was like when I saw this early 70’s Streets Whammy Stix Milk Bar display. It wasn’t so much the ice cream, it was those great little construction sticks. While I can’t recall constructing anything as exciting as the rocket featured, I’m sure I made many three sided boomerangs that may or may not have come back…



04 2010

Scanlens 1979 Incredible Hulk Stickers

This short run of stickers (6 in total) was produced by Scanlens Australia during the peak of The Incredible Hulk mania, 1979.

The big green guy never goes out of fashion does he?




04 2010

3XY Coca Cola Easy Roller / Freedom Machine Vans

For a while there in the late 70’s it was every boy’s dream to cruise the streets and highways in a tricked-out Beford Van or Sandman Shaggin’ Wagon. The Hardy Boys, Hot Wheels and even Star Wars joined the rush to cash in on the craze, but the most memorable for me was the Radio 3xy / Coca Cola summer promotion that featured a customised Bedford van as the main prize, known variously as the Freedom Machine or Easy Roller.

Promo sticker for 3XY / Coca Cola Easy Roller

The promotional stickers were ominipresent in Milk Bars and Service Stations, and I must have stuck down a hundred as a kid, so it was pretty cool to be able to score a couple of unused originals recently.

Freedom Machine promo sticker

A quick Google turned up the original Freedom Machine as it is today, awaiting a restoration in the back-lot of a car-yard. Would love to see the final result gents!

There was a third vehicle called the Denim Machine, it was a panel van, but I don’t have that sticker yet…


04 2010

Blogger to WordPress and The Toltoys Kid

Well here we are over at WordPress, after Blogger in their wisdom decided to stop servicing FTP users after many years of smooth service.

I must thank the migration team lead by Harsh Agarwal over at who did all the fiddly stuff for me, thanks guys!

I’m still learning how to WordPress properly so if stuff goes a bit wonky give it a day or two for Mr Interweb here to fix it. See in the new header, how the text is white and quite hard to read? Well it should be red. I tried to make it red, but I failed. Looks like I’ll have to email Harsh again shortly, sorry buddy!

The other thing that is new is the name of the blog. I’ve decided to go with “Toltoys Kid” instead of just, since I’ve ended up showcasing so many different sorts of items from many different companies, not just Toltoys. The title is a new term that I feel encompasses the experience of being a kid in Australia in the 70’s. Most of the best stuff was made or sold by Toltoys, but I remember just about everything that caught my eye back then, and this blog is about all of it.

So what’s coming up? Too much to tell, but here’ s a little peek at some of what has been posted before and some of what is to come…

Seen and unseen on Toltoys Kid



04 2010