1967 Lincoln International Toy Catalogue

Treasures from the 1967 Lincoln International Toy Catalogue

The New Zealand toy company Lincoln International were responsible for some of the coolest licensed (and unlicensed) toys of the 60’s and 70’s. Best known for their 1966 licensed Batman range of ray guns, water pistols, friction toys and battery operated plastic vehicles, or perhaps for their goofy but highly desirable 1970’s range of Mego-Like 8″ Monster action figures, Lincoln went in hard with Gerry Anderson licences in 1967.

Captain Scarlet promised great things for those toy companies hoping to match the success of Dinky and their Thunderbird die-cast vehicles, unfortunately whilst popular the Captain never had the impact of his Anderson stable-mates.
Lincoln released three friction vehicles for Scarlet; The Angel Interceptor, Spectrum Patrol Car and Maximum Security Vehicle. Each was blister carded to a colourful but fairly flimsy card along with a plastic Spectrum Badge. The vehicles were packed flat on the cards, and the blisters were attached to the cards with staples. They are a tough find today loose or carded, I’ve never seen an Angel Interceptor in person but thanks to the diligent work of the Australian Powerhouse Museum there is at least one example stored away in perpetuity.

Much more common to find today are examples of Lincoln’s Thunderbirds motorized kits. These must have been big sellers since they turn up quite regularly on eBay and at auction houses such as Vectis. The vehicles are OK, but it is the box art that steals the show on these, nicely rendered images with the designated number on the right front of the box.

There would be many Anderson Thunderbird collectors out there who would dream of finding a full counter display pack like the one above, to my knowledge though none have ever surfaced.
PS – This catalogue is actually undated, I have surmised the 1967 date from the the lack of Batman items combined with the inclusion of Capt Scarlet and the Thunderbird kits, so it could be 1968. I’d love to hear about any other Lincoln material that may be out there, I’ll post some of the toys mentioned above in a future post here at Toltoys.com


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  1. Tony Carr Avatar
    Tony Carr

    I have just bought two Lincoln International styrene aircraft kits from a dealer in the US.
    First is a 1:43 scale, Aircraft Series No.113 Folland Gnat
    Second is a 1:59 scale, Aircraft Series No 115 Venom F.B.4
    I intend to build both some day although the decals are DoA and will have to be scanned and reproduced with Lasertrans paper. I would be interested in knowing when they were made (60s/70s would be my guess). Boxes are red and yellow with ‘Made in Hong Kong’ and ‘Made in the British Empire by Lincoln International’.
    How they got to the US and ended up with a dealer in Las Vegas would make an interesting tale. Probably taken home by a serviceman from Deep Freeze.
    I can submit photos of boxes and contents if desired.

    Tony C
    Christchurch NZ

  2. Christian Brène Avatar
    Christian Brène

    I’ve just bought, at a car boot sale in Belgium, a Lincoln International cushion craft, cat. N° 4631, using IC CELL Battery; it is supposed to float over any smooth surface on a cushion of HAIR! Actually there’s some sort of brush underneath; I haven’t tried it yet.
    Could someone tell me more about it.It would be interesting to know how it “landed” in Belgium.

    Christian Brène

  3. thierry steady go ! Avatar

    Hello Christian, many cool toys were imported in Belgium . I had the chance to buy some 60s deadstock from various toy shops in Belgium , it was amazing to see all those US, UK and Japanese toys who were imported . Lincoln was among them . Got two of those Lincoln catalogues myself from an old toy store from the Charleroi era . Happy collecting . Thierry

  4. Bob Gentil Avatar

    Hi. I’m writing a history of Disc (Frisbee) Golf in NZ and am keen to get some details of the unlicensed Frisbees that Lincoln International used to produce in the 60’s & 70’s.
    I’d love some dates and details if that’s possible please.
    Thanks in advance.
    Bob Gentil.

  5. Jennifer Avatar

    Just wondering if you have the whole catalogue? I’m a Little Tuppence doll researcher, and I’d love any info that’s there about her.

  6. Lawrence Northe Avatar
    Lawrence Northe

    So interesting and thanks for sharing, wondering if anyone else has examples of Lincoln International dolls and related advertising ?

  7. Lawrence Northe Avatar
    Lawrence Northe

    Hello and thanks for posting these vintage advertisements, I recently saw a clone ken doll called Steve in his original packaging and made by Lincoln International New Zealand, does anyone have an example of this type of doll and or the advertisement of it. I’d appreciate any feedback cheers!

  8. David Deyo Avatar
    David Deyo

    I have a question: Some years ago I was able to buy a kit offered by Lincoln International, of a 1910 Model T Ford in 1/32nd scale. I noticed it was very much like the kits for the same car from Revell/Gowland&Gowland and from two other manfucturers (Merit being one). It was like it was made from the same tooling, BUT, the driver sat on the opposite side of the car, as opposed to the other offerings. Do you know anything about this kit and it there were other kits offered in the antique car catergory? IF you like I could send you a photo of this car too.

  9. John Avatar

    I still remember the TV jingle from the 60’s “Boy oh boy, a Lincoln Toy!”
    They were certainly the toys to ask for.

  10. JamesCanny Avatar

    I have come across a Toltoy “Trail Bike” Do you have any information on this bike?

    1. Toltoys Kid Avatar
      Toltoys Kid

      Is it a small yellow steel tube frame bike with plastic wheels? If so it’s early 70s.

  11. Paul Avatar

    Are you the same company that used to make the universal monsters dolls?

    1. Toltoys Kid Avatar
      Toltoys Kid

      Hi Paul, Im just an archive site but yes it was Lincoln who made those Monster 8″ figures. Cheers, Will

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