Month: January 2008

  • SuperElasticBubblePlastic

    Big Bubbles, Some Troubles. You’ve got to wonder what WHAM-O were thinking when they decided to market a toy to children that was designed to be inflated by mouth, yet was not safe enough to come in to contact with painted surfaces or furniture. (Re-)Introducing SuperElasticBubblePlastic. Basically you squeezed out a blob of this toothpaste-like […]

  • Toltoys Star Wars Laser Pistol

    There they are, blast ’em! One of the coolest toys produced for the Star Wars license was Han Solo’s blaster, sold as the “Star Wars Laser Pistol” by Kenner in the US and Toltoys here in Australia. This was a top toy, fun sound effects and great feel in the hand. I still recall my […]