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  • Kenbrite GI Joe / Action Man / Man of Action

    Things were getting a little wacky for ole’ GI Joe by 1975. Hasbro USA had ended his military duties in 1970 and enlisted him in the boy scouts as an Adventurer instead of a soldier. His English cousin, Palitoy’s Action Man, had stayed in (increasingly elaborate) uniform but added adventure sets to the line. Here […]

  • Toltoys Stretch Armstrong

    The Toltoys Stretch Armstrong If you don’t remember this guy from the 70’s then you’re either not trying or your parents owe you an apology. His heavy-as-hell corn-syrup filled body could stretch several feet before slowly reverting to his original form upon release. A fun toy and lethal weapon when swung in contained spaces. Stretch […]

  • Toltoys Death Star Playset

    Star Wars Month The Death Star playset Play-value. Great toy-makers have always known it’s the secret of a successful toy. In my opinion the best example of play value in the vintage Star Wars line is the Death Star playset created by UK company Palitoy, and adapted around the world by Kenner Canada, Meccano France, […]