Safeway catalogue from Christmas 1978

Superman at Safeway
The Aussie Safeway catalogue from Christmas 1978 (I think!) features all the usual specials one would expect from a large grocery store; nappies, bananas and …

…the Man of Steel and his big green mate The Hulk.  Yes sitting there among the no-name brand trikes, bikes and ray-guns were the beautifully crafted 12-inch MEGO World’s Greatest Super Heroes.

Interestingly the Superman is the harder to find “Comic Head” version, previously thought to have only seen release in Canada, the UK, France and Italy according to the authoritative Mego Museum.  Hulk appears to be a regular US version. Dig that lab coat!

No telling if there were other Heroes available on the Safeway shelves “ready to continue the fight against the baddies” back then, but we can only hope so.

Did you buy your super heroes in Australia at Safeway?
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  1. Repeat Viewing Avatar

    My parents must have bought both figures from Safeway back in the day. We did all our shopping at the local Safeway. I recall my dad purchasing an Atari 2600 from the service desk.

    I recently sold both figures on eBay – the Superman went for substantially more than Hulk, despite having a broken leg.

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