Willy Water Bug

Willy Water Bug
If you look closely underneath the “1982” text on the Walton’s Wishbook cover below you’ll see a strange little yellow creature. He’s the one sitting innocuously next to the cool Tomy / Toltoys Air-Jammer motorcycle.

Who or what is this thing you ask? Meet Willy Water Bug, one of Wham-O’s contributions to the summer-toy craze of the 70’s. This was to be no Slip’n’Slide however, since the result of attaching the prescribed garden hose to the rear of Willy produced viciously whipping tentacles of terror reaching out for small bare legs in all directions. Fun for all the family!

I can’t say I recall Willy from my childhood, but finding the example above complete with Toltoys liveried box was manna from heaven for this blogger let me tell you. What was it with Wham-O? Not content to poison us with Super Elastic Bubble Plastic they went on to unleash this water-laden lacerator on frolicking children. Even the kid on the box is recoiling in fear.
Being a William in real life, I’m not a massive fan of the nickname “Willy” either, so lets’ just consign this one to the circular file shall we?



4 thoughts on “Willy Water Bug

  1. Willy Water Bug.All three of my kids loved this toy. They had so much fun with it I bought another. Now my son is now wanting one for his daughter. Where can I find one? bazil78@yahoo.com

  2. I had a Willy the Waterbug growing up and he was great. I don’t remember the tentacles hurting at all. They were soft rubber and the cold water coming out was more shocking than if the actual tentacle caught you on the leg. Running through it and having contests to jump over it is still a fond summer memory.

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