Donkey Kong Icey Poles and Futuretronics G&W

Here’s a ripping piece that escaped my clutches on Aussie Ebay a few years ago, an early 80’s Milk Bar Store Display for Pauls Donkey Kong Icey Poles (Orange and Pineapple Treats). It features a competition for Futuretronics (The Australian Nintendo distributor) Game and Watch electronic hand helds. Did they come in take home packs I wonder. Anyone remember them?





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  1. Paul Naylor Avatar
    Paul Naylor

    Whilst this doesn’t contribute much to this item (Recently there was another store display variation on ebay) My greatest memory of this product was the competition had with friends to try and eat the outer orange frozen section to see if you could be left with a pine ice block. A difficult feat as you raced against melting time. Tried doing this with the then named redskin but that truly was impossible to seperate all the frozen ice from the ice cream.

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