Star Wars Ice Cream Update

More Ice-Creams!
Long time readers of this blog will know that licenced ice-cream items, and Star Wars in particular, are my favourite vintage items. So imagine the smile when the images below came down the line from Queensland, a few guerilla “on-the-run” snap-shots of a collection of original art-work and related items that remains for the time being anonymous…

The translite above shows a great set-up of the four Star Wars Popsicle wrapper flavours. Han does not look pleased about being Raspberry….

The next image is another translite of the original art used on the front of the Peters / Pauls infamous Jedi Jelly ice-creams.

Followed by a hurried 🙂 shot of another major element of the box art, the actual ice-cream!

And a translite of the completed product and wrapper!

The final translite above is one I knew I’d seen many times, and after a quick search I found its final resting place (flipped) on the side panel of the Star Wars Popsicle box, see below…

The last two items are a real treat, a very tough poster and the complete sticker set of New Zealand Tip-Top Star Wars R2-D2 Space Ices…

And the complete run of 16 sticker premiums…

I’m indebted to a very special contributor from Queensland (who knows who he is!) for all of these great images, thanks mate!




3 responses to “Star Wars Ice Cream Update”

  1. testmail Avatar

    thats pretty cool, I dont remember the tip-top R2-D2 popsicles, but I do remember the ROTJ Jedi Jelly ice creams, they were Good!

  2. Mark Bedingfield Avatar
    Mark Bedingfield

    I used to hound my Mum to by the Ice Creams just so I could get those stickers. They were then stuck all over my school books and desk. Fantastic time to be a kid. Ah 1977, a great year.

  3. Chris Keating Avatar
    Chris Keating

    Streets had a Star Wars icy-pole around 1977-78: strawberry and pineapple, same shape as the Polaboy and Paddle Pop.

    Only available from supermarkets in boxes of 10. Absolutely delicious, and generated the worst cases of brain-freeze I’ve ever experienced…

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