ALF and Agro Ice Creams

Licensed Australian Ice Creams Update
These two are at the later end of my collecting calendar, both emerging well into the 80’s, but still old enough to be cool additions to the pantheon of Aussie Ice Cream greatness.
ALF (Alien Life Form) was one of those ubiquitous 80’s TV shows that you simply could not avoid if you owned a box at the time. A laconic, wise-cracking puppet whose primary endearing feature was that he apparently liked to eat cats. He stuck around long enough and had a strong enough impact on Aussie kids for Pauls to immortalise him in ice-cream, toffee and vanilla!

Speaking of wise-cracking muppets, Australia’s own Cartoon Connection host Agro was similarly honoured by Pauls with the so 80’s “Mega Munch” compete with bubble-gum nose, ala Bubble O’ Bill. Agro was damn funny when let loose, but some of his best work never quite made it to air judging by this out-take reel!

An eclectic mix of updates coming, stay tuned!



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