Nabisco Australia Marvel Super Hero Poster Premiums

Around 1980 Nabisco offered these posters as in-pack premiums in their Weeties and Crispies cereals. A great selection of Marvel characters were featured, courtesy of Newton Comics, Marvel’s Australian licensee through much of the 1970’s.

Hulk Poster
Poster rear
Close up
Close up



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7 responses to “Nabisco Australia Marvel Super Hero Poster Premiums”

  1. Josh Avatar

    How rare are these posters? How much they worth i found some in my grandpa’s collapsed old barn in abox in good condition?

    1. Toltoys Kid Avatar
      Toltoys Kid

      Not too hard to find, just difficult in good condition as the paper stock is very thin. $50-$100 depending on condition.

    2. Spiros Xenos Avatar
      Spiros Xenos

      Josh, I’m interested in purchasing posters if you’re interested in selling. Thanks, Spiros.

  2. Colin Avatar

    Where did this poster end up
    Thanks Colin

    1. Toltoys Kid Avatar
      Toltoys Kid

      Hi Colin this poster is on my collection and is not for sale sorry. I only have two or three out of the twelve so always looking to add others. Will

  3. Gregory Hillier Avatar
    Gregory Hillier

    I have 9 out of the 10 posters,,looking for last one, Amazing Spiderman & The Human Torch,all in Vg condition,, crease from fold,,I kept 6 from my school days,,

    1. Hazellhoss Avatar

      Hi Greg. I have spider-man. Would you like to purchase off me?

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