Steve Austin Snaps!

1970’s Toltoys Six Million Dollar Man Model Kits

Issued outside Australia by Fundimensions, these great unpainted snap-together kits featured Steve Austin wrestling an alligator in “Jaws of Doom” and lifting a gorilla in “Fight for Survival”, which I presume is named for the ape! The best feature of these for the unskilled modeller (such as myself) is that they required no glue, a fact trumpeted on the box art.











2 responses to “Steve Austin Snaps!”

  1. LISA Avatar

    Can you tell me how much the Jaws of Doom, mint, still unopened, with plastic wrapping still in tact is worth today? I just found on in an old box of toys and was shocked that it was never opened? This was one of my brothers favorites as a kid, so it goes to him this Christmas, however I’m interested in knowing if they are worth anything in todays market??

    Thanks for the input

    1. tol11toys Avatar

      I would expect a Toltoys vesrion to be worth anywhere from $50 to $150. I’ve seen open box Toltoys examples sell from $25 -$60. Good luck!

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