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Here we go with another four of the Indy Kenner line of figures from 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark.
First up is Indy’s digging buddy Sallah, played on screen by Middle Earth’s tallest Dwarf, John Rhys-Davies. This is the hardest to find of the the figures shown here, and tough to get with a nice clear bubble.

Next we have the German Mechanic as played by Pat Roach. Roach actually played a series of villains in the first three Indy movies. The tiny wrench accessory from this figures is easily lost.
French archeologist Rene Belloq is up next, the little paper map accessory that came with this figure is often missing from loose figures. Indy trivia lore states that actor Paul Freeman did in fact swallow the fly that crawled into his mouth during the scene where Indy threatens to blow up the Ark.
Lastly today is the Cairo Swordsman, along with the Toht figure the most common in the Indy Kenner line.

Aussie Indy Trivia Time
# 1 Indy’s bullwhip is made of Kangaroo hide.
#2 Indy’s hat was listed as an “Australian model” when purchased new in London by the costume department.
#3 The mountaineers challenging Marion to the drinking competition in her Nepalese bar are supposed to be Aussies.
Keen on more Indy toy info? Check out Raiders of the Lost Toys.



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