Peters Smurfee Ice Cream Wrappers

A few years ago I posted the Milk Bar store display for “Smurfee” Smurf ice creams, now here are three wrappers from that same 1979 release.


I’m not sure why the wrapper above is in landscape while the two below are portrait. Possibly the difference was between those purchased in Milk Bars and those purchased in take home packs.

Either way, I love ’em!




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2 responses to “Peters Smurfee Ice Cream Wrappers”

  1. Simon Avatar

    Hi there – Peters is now making something very similar (8 for $5.50 at Coles) … called “twin poles” blue raspberry and vanilla. They look identical but not quite the same as the smurf ones i remember

    1. Toltoys Kid Avatar
      Toltoys Kid

      I saw those, clearly a modern rip of the originals 😂

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