Scanlens Store Display Boxes

Have Fun with Scanlens Gum!

So went the slogan of this much loved Aussie confectionary maker, active from the 1930’s to 80’s. But how do you make bubble gum fun? How about producing animal-dropping sized pellets and packing them in calico bags with a Gold Rush theme?

Kids were apparently more than able to look past the droppings angle and concentrate on the Western-themed goodness and a highly portable container, one that I’m sure would have gone beautifully at the bottom of the school bag for a couple of months or more, waiting until high summer before assimilating itself with every text book and rotten apple within oozing distance. Gold indeed!

The gold nuggets had the cowboys covered,  so the next logical step was to go after the protagonist market with the American Indian themed Totem Poles. I’m dubious that much historical or anthropological research was undertaken by the creators of these, but nevertheless the result is still slightly less culturally insensitive than Redskin Split ice creams 🙂

I believe these were peach flavoured, which sounds awful to me, if anyone can remember the taste and enlighten me, feel free!
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4 responses to “Scanlens Store Display Boxes”

  1. michelle Avatar

    Hee hee! The Golden Nugget bags were awesome. I used to get them all the time in the 70s. Funny thing is, on a trip to the US in 2006 I found the same thing there – still being made by 'Double Bubble' and they are called 'Gold Rocks'.

    I actually think they were sold here as well. Maybe in competition with the Aussie version, because the image on the US bag is really familiar. I bought some when I was there and they brough back many memories 🙂

  2. goldcoaster Avatar

    Yes, these were great. The cloth bag was good to put some marbles in afterwards and I loved the bubble gum rock shapes.

    Find some more 70’s lollies please.


  3. Andrew Avatar

    I have great memories of the “Gold Rush” bubble gum, very well. They were very popular at school, and many kids hung on to the bag afterwards.
    I still have one of the original cotton bags, but it has no printing or images on the outside.

  4. Dano Avatar

    Wow, this bought back memories. I can’t remember what they both tasted like though.
    Would never of come across these if not for your blog. It was mentioned today in “The West”.

    Dano (1962)

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