1984 Kelloggs Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Just like a chocolate milkshake only Indy!

In 1984 Kelloggs thought they were on to a sure-fire winner with their Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom cereal tie-in.
Unfortunately there was an outcry from parents and family groups over the horror and occult themes featured in the film. Squeaky clean Kelloggs was of course already committed to their Temple of Doom competition featuring on kid’s classic such as Coco Pops, I imagine they didn’t hurry to extend the production once the flak hit the fan.
As a 13 year old at the time I was of course all over this, fighting off siblings to collect as many of the game cards as I could (I’ll be featuring them later this week) but failing to win one of the LJN figure sets as featured on the pack.

The LJN figures came and went at retail without much fanfare, there were very clunky looking and probably also suffered from the same fate as Kenner’s 1979 Alien figure – i.e. scared the bejesus out of kids and parents alike. “Hey kids, watch Mola Ram pull Indy’s still-beating heart from his chest!” Hours of fun for all.
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