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Doctor Down Under – Doctor Who Ice Cream & Showbag

Doctor Who has enjoyed a close relationship with Australia since the very beginning, with several key writers, a popular companion (Tegan) and even the composer of the famous theme music being Aussies. The show enjoyed a loyal following on the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) from 1964 until the end of the original series in 1989.

As a child of the 70’s my Doctor of choice is and always will be Tom Baker. He was beatified in 1981 by the Australian licensing gods with his own Streets ice cream, which as you know by now (if you’ve read my blog before anyway) is a sure sign that you have officially arrived Down Under. The TV ad for these ice creams has also turned up, with a grainy VHS copy uploaded to You Tube in 2011 by some kind soul.

Who box 2 2wtmk Doctor Down Under   Doctor Who Ice Cream & Showbag

The ice cream box and wrapper are extremely tough to find, I believe only one example of each has appeaered on Oz Ebay in 13 years. While I wasn’t able to win them I did manage to swipe the pics, they are poor quality but what can you do? If you were the lucky purchaser (or seller) of either of these items I’d like to both apologise for my use of your pics and plead for new ones!

Above is the landscape side of the box, here is the portrait…

WHo box 183 Aronmc 3wtmk Doctor Down Under   Doctor Who Ice Cream & Showbag

And from a seperate auction, the wrapper (flattened)…

BlZHzJWkKGrHqIOKkEtkEUVNtBLbg2z7Q 12.JPG 2wtmk Doctor Down Under   Doctor Who Ice Cream & Showbag

Another exclusive-to-Australia piece of Whomabilia is the rare “Showbag”, a plastic bag of cheap toys and ephemera sold at local agricultural and royal society exhibitions throughout the country, notably the Royal Melbourne Show. I sold the example below on ebay many years ago, and it is now one of the very few items I regret parting with. Another couple have turned up over the years, I cant find any references to what was inside but if any of the Whomaniacs out there know drop me a line and I’ll update this post.

The Showbag (Yes I should have used any background other than white)…

171006 021wtmk Doctor Down Under   Doctor Who Ice Cream & Showbag


04 2012

Vintage Buck Rogers Australian Ice Creams

In 2007 I showcased the take-home box for Paul’s Buck Rogers ice creams, featuring the Star Stick competition for MEGO Buck Rogers action figures. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to track down both the Milk Bar store dislay and an example of the wrapper, so I’m going to call that a complete set and move on!

Here is the box, the display, and the wrapper…

030507 022 728702 Vintage Buck Rogers Australian Ice Creams

P2180086wtmk1 898x1024 Vintage Buck Rogers Australian Ice Creams

P2180018wtmk1 695x1024 Vintage Buck Rogers Australian Ice Creams

P2180017wtmk1 687x1024 Vintage Buck Rogers Australian Ice Creams

Peters Smurfee Ice Cream Wrappers

A few years ago I posted the Milk Bar store display for “Smurfee” Smurf ice creams, now here are three wrappers from that same 1979 release.

P2180049wtmk2 1024x367 Peters Smurfee Ice Cream Wrappers


I’m not sure why the wrapper above is in landscape while the two below are portrait. Possibly the difference was between those purchased in Milk Bars and those purchased in take home packs.

P2180066wtmk1 789x1024 Peters Smurfee Ice Cream Wrappers

P2180063wtmk1 856x1024 Peters Smurfee Ice Cream Wrappers

Either way, I love ‘em!



03 2011

Streets Mountie Ice Creams – Bullwinkle the Moose?

The 5c price point on this Australian Milk Bar store display for Streets Mountie ice creams suggests it is from the early 70’s. That also happens to be when I remember watching a lot of Rocky & Bullwinkle on Saturday morning TV. A Canadian moose in a Mountie uniform – what a coincidence!

PB270037wtmk00001 908x1024 Streets Mountie Ice Creams   Bullwinkle the Moose?

Anyone remember these? As kids I would presume that we’d never have known we were eating bootleg character confectionary, nor would we have cared!


02 2011

Donkey Kong Icey Poles and Futuretronics G&W

Here’s a ripping piece that escaped my clutches on Aussie Ebay a few years ago, an early 80’s Milk Bar Store Display for Pauls Donkey Kong Icey Poles (Orange and Pineapple Treats). It features a competition for Futuretronics (The Australian Nintendo distributor) Game and Watch electronic hand helds. Did they come in take home packs I wonder. Anyone remember them?

DK Futuretronics 106wtmk2 Donkey Kong Icey Poles and Futuretronics G&W


Streets Whammy Stix

You know those memories from childhood that flood through your mind when you hear an old tune or smell a long lost aroma? Well that’s what it was like when I saw this early 70’s Streets Whammy Stix Milk Bar display. It wasn’t so much the ice cream, it was those great little construction sticks. While I can’t recall constructing anything as exciting as the rocket featured, I’m sure I made many three sided boomerangs that may or may not have come back…

PA160019 2wtmk 764x1023 Streets Whammy Stix



04 2010

ALF and Agro Ice Creams

Licensed Australian Ice Creams Update
These two are at the later end of my collecting calendar, both emerging well into the 80’s, but still old enough to be cool additions to the pantheon of Aussie Ice Cream greatness.
ALF (Alien Life Form) was one of those ubiquitous 80’s TV shows that you simply could not avoid if you owned a box at the time. A laconic, wise-cracking puppet whose primary endearing feature was that he apparently liked to eat cats. He stuck around long enough and had a strong enough impact on Aussie kids for Pauls to immortalise him in ice-cream, toffee and vanilla!

 ALF and Agro Ice Creams

Speaking of wise-cracking muppets, Australia’s own Cartoon Connection host Agro was similarly honoured by Pauls with the so 80’s “Mega Munch” compete with bubble-gum nose, ala Bubble O’ Bill. Agro was damn funny when let loose, but some of his best work never quite made it to air judging by this out-take reel!

 ALF and Agro Ice Creams

An eclectic mix of updates coming, stay tuned!


09 2009

Star Wars Ice Cream Update

More Ice-Creams!
Long time readers of this blog will know that licenced ice-cream items, and Star Wars in particular, are my favourite vintage items. So imagine the smile when the images below came down the line from Queensland, a few guerilla “on-the-run” snap-shots of a collection of original art-work and related items that remains for the time being anonymous…

 Star Wars Ice Cream Update

The translite above shows a great set-up of the four Star Wars Popsicle wrapper flavours. Han does not look pleased about being Raspberry….

 Star Wars Ice Cream Update

The next image is another translite of the original art used on the front of the Peters / Pauls infamous Jedi Jelly ice-creams.

 Star Wars Ice Cream Update

Followed by a hurried icon smile Star Wars Ice Cream Update shot of another major element of the box art, the actual ice-cream!

 Star Wars Ice Cream Update

And a translite of the completed product and wrapper!

 Star Wars Ice Cream Update

The final translite above is one I knew I’d seen many times, and after a quick search I found its final resting place (flipped) on the side panel of the Star Wars Popsicle box, see below…

Holly July 05 035wtmk 700358 Star Wars Ice Cream Update

The last two items are a real treat, a very tough poster and the complete sticker set of New Zealand Tip-Top Star Wars R2-D2 Space Ices…

 Star Wars Ice Cream Update

And the complete run of 16 sticker premiums…

 Star Wars Ice Cream Update

I’m indebted to a very special contributor from Queensland (who knows who he is!) for all of these great images, thanks mate!

Happy Days Confectionery

“I found my thrills…”

IMG0027wtmk 709606 Happy Days Confectionery

When Happy Days burst on to Australian TV screens in 1975 nobody could resist the lovable geekiness of Richie, the wisecracking mouth of Ralph or pure dumb nerdiness of Potsie. Everything 50’s was cool again; the cars, the clothes and of course the tunes.

IMG0027 2wtmk 764677 Happy Days Confectionery

Standing above all though was one Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, AKA The Fonz, AKA Fonzie. This James Dean / Marlon Brando ‘Rebel above the Garage’ superstar of the show could clear a stall with a look, start a tune with a fist, and defeat aliens with a single thumb and an “Aaaayyyyyyy”.
Fonzie rode a motorbike and had a way with the ladies, a jacket that meant business and hair that had its own management. Little Aussie kids couldn’t get enough of the show and the Fonz in particular, so of course he was afforded the greatest honour this country could bestow upon foreigners in the 70’s, an eponymous snack food. As if that wasn’t enough, the show itself was canonised antipodean style with it’s own ice cream.

IMG0028wtmk 711911 Happy Days Confectionery

I remember Fonzies as a cheesy snack similar to Cheetos, complete with all that great yellow snack-dust that clings to jumpers, fingers and mum’s back seat. The Streets Happy Days Ice Cream I can’t specifically recall, so one of you guys will have to help me out with memories of that. The sticker above was a Milk Bar premium, I’m not sure if Happy Days were ever sold in multi-packs. The Fonzies stickers were most likely given away the same way, there are a number of others out there, I’ll add a third example soon.
Henry Winkler (who played the Fonz) continues to appear in film and television to this day, while Ron Howard (Richie Cunningham) never really kicked on as far as I know…



Peters Smurfee Ice Creams

Licensed Australian Ice-Creams

Smack bang in the middle of the golden age of Aussie Ice Creams came the double barreled inventively titled Smurfee, courtesy of Peters / Pauls. This is the store display / advertising card from the 18c treat from 1979.
P4010007wtmk1 690x1024 Peters Smurfee Ice Creams
I’ve heard that there are no naturally occurring blue foods, and that blue is colour most likely to nauseate, but I’ve got to tell you that I can remember the taste of these things like it was yesterday, and that taste was good.
I’ll resist from all the standard Smurf jokes regarding Smurfette’s position as the only lass in the village, but when you look at the Smurf on the right and read the speech bubbles you just know something unnatural was going on in that forest…


07 2008